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Winter 2024 or Spring 2025

Isabelle Hau’s inaugural book will be published in 2024 by Public Affairs, part of the Hachette Group. Isabelle Hau is represented by Jill Marsal at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

In recent years, the scientific community has converged toward early relationships as the key to healthy brain development, resilience, and lifelong flourishing. Children need to be loved, to be valued, to interact, and to be listened to. When children have the space and time to play and explore through nurturing positive relationships, then children learn. But loving relationships are precisely what so many children are missing. 

Isabelle Hau’s book offers a vision for a future where learning is relational, and love is a literacy. It is a provocative paradigm shift, from child-centered education to relationship-centered learning.

Isabelle Hau invites readers looking for big ideas for children to learn and thrive- parents and grand-adults, educators, administrators, edu-preneurs, funders, advocates, researchers alike- to imagine, innovate and prioritize love and relationships to unlock human potential. It weaves in stories of perseverance, empathy, creativity, and showcases innovations anchored in the latest neuroscience and technology advance.

This hope-filled book seeks to change how we raise our children, how we run early learning environments, and how we construct care-full communities. It aims to inspire and engage readers, catalyze new solutions, and in doing so, change our understanding of childhood itself.

Typical goals with books are fame or money. For Isabelle Hau, it is all about impact. How can each and every child learn and thrive? The profits of the book will be distributed back to nonprofit organizations

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