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February 11, 2025

My inaugural book, Love to Learn: The Transformative Power of Care and Connection in Early Education, will be published on February 11, 2025 by PublicAffairs, part of the Hachette Book Group.  

Book Highlights:

  • Explores the cutting-edge science of relationships on how early relationships are key to healthy brain development, resilience, and lifelong flourishing.

  • Highlights the urgent need for nurturing, loving connections in early education given contracting circles of relationships around our young children.

  • Pre-pandemic, one in five young learners and 44% of high schoolers did not have a single caring adult in their life. Recent data shows that 8 in 10 infants born during the pandemic lack a strong emotional connection with their moms.

  • We face a silent crisis with long-term negative impacts, but there is hope.

Love to Learn Vision:

  • Offers a bold vision for a future where learning is relational, and love is a literacy.

  • Focuses on relational intelligence as the key to unlocking human potential, going beyond artificial intelligence.

  • Invites parents, grand-adults, educators, administrators, edupreneurs and all who care about children's learning and well-being to imagine, innovate, and prioritize love and relationships.

  • Aims to inspire, engage, and maybe change our understanding of childhood itself.

Relational Roots:

  • Love to Learn is centered on the importance of relationships, and the book itself would not be coming to life without the incredible support of key relationships:

    • Publisher Clive Priddle at PublicAffairs/Hachette Book Group, who believed in this big idea from the start.

    • Agent extraordinaire, Jill Marsal with Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, and editor Lisa Kaufman.

    • The unwavering support of my my "Book of Directors," family and friends.

Book Goals:

Typical goals with books are fame or money.  For me, it is all about impact. How can each and every child learn and thrive? The profits of the book will be distributed back to nonprofit organizations featured in the book.

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